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About AURA.

Our new website is coming soon, in the meantime you can browse our temporary website to find out more about AURA, the services we offer and submit a referral.

The clinical team leading Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue has completed a Management Buyout of the hospital. The reins have been handed over to Professor Bacon, Dr Findji, Dr Bray and Dr McLauchlan, who will collectively take the hospital forward, with the financial backing of a small team of external investors. The centre will continue to focus on oncology, soft tissue surgery, interventional radiology and internal medicine, providing care for patients across the UK and Europe, and advice for veterinarians on cancer management for patients around the world.

Under the new management team, AURA Veterinary will invest in its team, equipment, scientific innovation and research, in order to provide the best possible treatment for the animals under their care.

Jon Bray

Our Services.

Our daily focus is on delivering the best possible outcomes for the dogs and cats who are referred to us for treatment.

AURA is a centre for excellence in animal oncology and soft tissue surgery. We offer extensive clinical expertise and exceptional patient care, rooted in a commitment to uphold the highest standards in veterinary science.

Soft tissue surgery

We are specialists in soft tissue surgery such as wound management, reconstructive surgery, ear surgery, foreign bodies, obstructive airway surgery such as Brachycephalic upper airway surgery (BOAS) and general abdominal and thoracic surgery.

Surgical oncology

Despite the advances in chemotherapy and other treatment modalities (e.g. immunotherapy), surgery continues to be the most effective option for the management of cancer. AURA has the most experienced cancer surgery team in the UK.

Internal medicine

The Internal Medicine service at AURA is highly experienced with our specialists having worked in world leading centres in the UK, Europe and the USA. The Internal Medicine service will see all cases of general medicine.

Medical oncology

The delivery of chemotherapy treatment is more than just choosing a “recipe” from a textbook for a particular disease. The experience and knowledge of the AURA medical oncology team is important to allow an appropriate and personalised treatment plan to be developed for each patient.

Diagnostic Imaging

Accurate and innovative diagnostic techniques underpin the best possible advice. The team works closely with all services to address the specific diagnostic needs of each patient.

Interventional radiology

Interventional Radiology (IR) and Endoscopy (IE) involves the use of multiple imaging techniques such as fluoroscopy, bronchoscopy and cystoscopy to undertake minimally invasive procedures. We have a large inventory of the specialist equipment available onsite allowing us to offer a fully comprehensive IR/IE service.

Interventional oncology

Interventional oncology allows us to provide minimally invasive, image-guided diagnoses and treatment of a variety of cancer conditions. 

Cancer care

Achieving victory over cancer, at whatever level, is the centre’s priority. This might be the everyday victories of successful treatments, or one day a more significant victory that comes as a result of contributing towards the scientific understanding of cancer in all species.


Our anaesthesia service provides support for all of our patients undergoing procedures, but also provide consultations and treatment options for the management of chronic pain including cancer pain.

Research success at AURA, a centre for innovation.

We pride ourselves on not just providing world-class veterinary services. We are also a scholarly organisation and a serious seat of science, and a place where the whole family feel welcomed and understood. Our aim is to be recognised as a centre for innovation, making discoveries that are changing thinking around animal cancers and even enlightening understanding and treatment around cancer in humans.

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