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About AURA

At AURA Veterinary, we bring together extensive knowledge of animal diseases with clinical expertise and first-class facilities to deliver on our promise of providing the best outcome possible.

As well as specialising in animal cancers, our highly skilled team are also experts in soft-tissue surgery, internal medicine, anaesthesia, pain management and radiology. AURA is the leading centre in Europe for interventional procedures, offering innovative solutions for strictures, vascular anomalies and cancer.


Rooted in veterinary science

We are proud, active members of the veterinary science community and our work is guided by the highest professional standards.

Our leadership team are respected internationally for their expertise, with strong links to the University of Surrey and other academic centres of excellence around the world. We believe transparency and knowledge sharing are fundamental if, collectively, we are to uncover new learnings that will inform better treatments.

Focused on better futures

Improvements in scientific knowledge mean survival rates, quality of life and treatment options have greatly improved over the past decades for animals suffering from cancer, medical diseases or those requiring soft-tissue surgery.

We are committed to play our part in furthering these achievements, based on our belief in the power of veterinary science and our vision that, one day, we will see new treatments that transform our perception of animals affected by diseases such as cancer.


Translated from the Latin for ‘a breath of air’, Aura speaks to the organisation’s refreshingly straightforward belief in the power of veterinary science and its ambition to enhance the lives of every animal in its care.

The sentiment evoked by the word ‘Aura’ encapsulates the energy at the core of the organisation and how it radiates into the world. This energy is generated by the team’s vision and passion to tackle cancer, and other challenging diseases of the dog and cat. It is the force that positively influences individual interactions with animals and families affected by the disease and, more generally, it is the force that drives the organisation’s efforts to positively influence the advancement of veterinary science.

It is this aura that people outside of the organisation can sense and feed off. Whether owners or vets, they feel comforted and reassured by the knowledge that their animal friend is in the safest of hands.

Our leadership team

All members of the leadership team at AURA are recognised world-leading experts in their field.

What makes them well placed to take the hospital to a new level is their level of investment. At a personal level they are invested in the place, they are invested in the staff, and they are invested in doing the best by the animals. They care. They have a vision of how things can be done better, and they are driven to achieve it.

Nick Bacon

Professor Nick Bacon

Surgical Oncology & Soft Tissue Surgery

Laurent Findji

Dr Laurent Findji

Surgical Oncology & Soft Tissue Surgery

Jonathan Bray

Dr Jonathan Bray

Surgical Oncology & Soft Tissue Surgery

Gerard Mclachlan

Dr Gerard McLauchlan

Interventional Oncology / Interventional Medicine / Internal Medicine

Our philosophy

The science of cancer.

The essence of care.

Our partners

Exceptional Care, Always There

Medivet are committed to providing truly exceptional care. Through a national network of practices, the top priority of the team of experienced and caring vets is your pet’s wellbeing.


AURA are proud to have been associated with the RUMBA Foundation over the last 6 years. RUMBA is committed to raising funds to help pioneer clinical care for companion animals. They passionately support projects which make a direct impact on the health of cats and dogs, and may ultimately impact human health.

Arthrex Vet Systems is a division of Arthrex, Inc., a leading global medical device manufacturer, and is synonymous with innovative endoscopic visualisation. The partnership with AURA Veterinary will transform animal care through Near-InfraRed Fluorescence (NIRF) imaging, offering significant benefits and patient outcomes via real-time information on a variety of common oncologic and soft tissue clinical problems