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High Grade Large Cell Lymphoma

Angel is a 4 year 6-month-old female entire Jack Russel Terrier cross. She has been with her family since she was a puppy and has visited her local veterinary practice for regular health checks. Except for a diagnosis of Granulomatous meningioencephalitis in June 2022, Angel has been a healthy dog. 

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In September 2022, Angel started vomiting therefore her mum took her to their local veterinary practice for re-assessment. Her mum also reported a lump under her chin. A physical examination confirmed that she had enlarged submandibular lymph nodes. A needle sample was taken from the left submandibular lymph node and cytology results confirmed the presence a high grade, large cell lymphoma. Angel was referred to our oncology hospital for further investigation and to discuss treatment options. 

In October 2022, Angel presented for an initial consultation with Oncology, Dr Iain Grant. More needle aspirates were taken of the lymph nodes to run an additional test called Flow cytometry. This test was performed to give us more information regarding which type of lymphoma was present. This allowed the oncologist to determine the best treatment to administer and understand her estimated survival time. Results confirmed she had a diffuse B cell lymphoma and Angel started chemotherapy straight away. Angel underwent a 25-week chemotherapy protocol called “CHOP”. This is the most common chemotherapy protocol for canine lymphoma and provides the best survival time of approximately 10-12 months. The protocol consists of three chemotherapy agents (cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin and vincristine) and an oral steroid (prednisolone). Angel attended 8 visits at weekly visits and then another 8 treatments at fortnightly intervals. In April 2023, Angel received her final chemotherapy treatment and was confirmed to be in full remission. She visited our hospital for monthly physical examinations to assess her lymph nodes and ensure she remained in complete remission. Her family monitored her closely at home for any changes in her health. 

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Angel visiting AURA

Angel remained in remission for three months but sadly in July 2023 her mum contacted the hospital to report that a lymph node was enlarged in her neck, and she came for an urgent appointment. Cytology confirmed she had relapsed, and re-induction therapy was discussed. She re-started her second round of the 25-week CHOP protocol and is still currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment with our chemotherapy team and is still responding well to treatment after 13 months. 


Despite having chemotherapy, Angel continues to maintain an excellent quality of life and do all of her favorite things. Although small, Angel has always had a larger-than-life personality. She has a sweet little walk and everyone in the hospital knows her name. From reception, the management team to the directors of Aura, Angel has many friends, and everybody welcomes her for each of her appointments. 

From the families perspective .........

We chatted with Angel’s family, to hear how she came to visit AURA and how they feel Angel is getting on with her treatment. 

What were Angel’s first symptoms that made you take her to your local vet? 

We noticed a small lump under Angel's chin on her neck and I knew it wasn't right. We took her to our vets right away. Apart from that she was fine and had no symptoms at all!

Before being referred to AURA for specialist treatment did you know that referral practices were an option?

We had previously brought our old dog to AURA back in 2019, so we knew that referral was a possibility, but before that we didn't know that there were special oncology vets.

How have you found treatment at AURA over the past year? 

Brilliant! The staff are friendly and helpful, they look after Angel perfectly even accommodating things like her not liking to be in a kennel. We can ask any questions and we know that we will get an honest answer regardless of it being good or bad. They really make you feel welcome.

How is Angel doing? 

Angel is doing brilliantly. She is currently having her second round of chemotherapy and is sailing through it, and is in complete remission

Knowing what you know now what would you advise another owner in a similar situation?

I would defiantly say that you know your dogs better than anyone else, and you should always follow your gut. To begin with everyone thought Angel was "to young" for cancer but after a second lymph node because large I knew things just weren't right. Cancer can sadly affect pets of all ages, and so if in doubt go get checked!

A big thank you to Angel’s family for getting involved with raising awareness for Pet Cancer Awareness Month! 

Please do click the link below to see our Instagram where you can watch a behind the scenes video Angel receiving intravenous chemotherapy! 

Angel relaxing at the beach!

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High Grade Large Cell Lymphoma
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