Bronte Gillespe


Biliary Obstruction

Biliary Obstruction


Brontë Gillespie is a 6 year old Sealyham Terrier. Brontë was referred to AURA by her local vet after a concern that she had an obstruction of her gall bladder. They were concerned that if left it could rupture, which would become an emergency situation.

Brontë had an initial consultation with Dr Magda Gerou-Ferriani. It was decided that some further diagnostic investigations should take place. These included comprehensive blood tests and an abdominal ultrasound.

The ultrasound confirmed both the local vets, and Magda’s suspicions that there was an obstruction in Brontë’s biliary tree. As an obstruction was confirmed it was agreed by Brontë’s family that the surgical department should operate later that afternoon.

Brontë underwent an emergency cholecystectomy. The surgery went well and Brontë recovered well from her anesthetic, and it was planned that she would recover in hospital in the days that followed.

Following surgery Brontë was quite painful, however whilst in hospital recovering Brontë albumin fell considerably and she needed a transfusion. Albumin is the most abundant circulation protein found in plasma. It plays an important role in keeping the fluid in the blood from leaking into the tissues. This is why when albumin becomes low, it can lead to further complications. 

Brontë recovering from surgery at home

Brontë had a complicated recovery, however we are pleased to say that she has now recovered fully from her surgery. The team at AURA are still treating Brontë, however this is for a separate condition.


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Biliary Obstruction
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