B Cell Lymphoma


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Millie is a 12 year old female neutered beagle, with the softest ears in the whole world!

Millie presented to her local vets in November 2019 due to a change in her bark and enlarged lymph nodes under her chin. A fine needle aspirate was performed and cytology confirmed the presence of a high grade lymphoma.

Lymphoma is a cancer of the white blood cells (lymphocytes). Lymphoma is not curable, but is often managed for a period of time. Chemotherapy is the mainstay treatment. Approximately 90% of dogs with multicentric lymphoma will go into remission when treated with a 6-month, multidrug CHOP chemotherapy.

Milly was referred to us and visited Dr Iain Grant for a consultation to discuss treatment options for canine multicentric lymphoma. An additional test was performed to examine the morphology of the neoplastic lymphoid cell and determine if the lymphoma is of B or T cell origin. The results confirmed Milly had B-cell lymphoma. A haematology and biochemistry blood test was performed and was within normal limits.

Milly at home 1

Treatment options were discussed and together with Milly’s family the team elected to start the CHOP protocol. This protocol consists of four different drugs which are cyclophosphamide, vincristine, doxorubicin and prednisolone. The protocol was administered in 4 cycles, with the first two cycles at weekly intervals then cycles three and four at fortnightly intervals. At each visit, Milly had a blood tests, full examination and lymph node assessment. She received chemotherapy intravenously and orally and was always a very good girl. Over the course of her treatment, Milly made good friends with the chemotherapy team and always sat patiently on the weighing scales for a gravy bone biscuit. Milly visited the medical oncology team for 25 weeks and completed her chemotherapy protocol on 9th May 2019 in full remission. She continued to visit the medical oncology service at monthly intervals for re-assessment and monitoring.

In November 2022, Milly presented for her re-examination with Dr Iain Grant with a history of stiffness at home. An anti-inflammatory medication was dispensed and a monoclonal antibody injection was administered to treat arthritis. Her lymph nodes were within normal limits and she remained in complete remission! 

Milly at home 2

In October 2023, Milly presented with lameness in her right hind limb. The oncology team confirmed she remained in complete remission. An orthopaedic examination and radiographs confirmed she had ruptured her cruciate in her left stifle. Milly underwent a cruciate repair surgery and has recovered well. 

November 2023 marked five years since her initial diagnosis. Milly has exceeded expectations and is an absolute star. Milly has made lifelong friends with our senior medical oncology nurse Sarah. Despite all of her years of treatment at Aura, Milly always arrives with a waggy tail and enjoys cuddles and treats with the medical oncology team. She has a special place in many of the hearts of Team AURA! 

From the Families perspective .......

We chatted with Milly’s family, to hear how she came to visit AURA and how they feel she is getting on with her treatment. 

What were Milly’s first symptoms that made you take her to your local vet? 

We initially noticed that Milly’s bark had changed almost overnight. The tone had changed and she sounded as though she had a sore throat. We felt under her ears and around her neck and throat and thought that we could feel a small lump. We immediately booked an appointment with our local vet and she was seen the next day.

Before being referred to AURA for specialist treatment did you know that referral practices were an option? 

Yes we did know about vet referrals as when Milly was approximately 18 months old she was referred for suspected Meningitis and was sent to another referral practice for a cerebrospinal fluid sample which confirmed the Meningitis diagnosis.

How have you found treatment at AURA over the past 5 years?

In a word the treatment has been exceptional as have all the Doctors, Nurses and other staff. We honestly could have hoped for a more professional, friendly and reassuring environment for Milly. We have been kept fully informed at every stage of Milly’s treatment and during the difficult times everyone was so caring, going above and beyond at every stage. Milly actually enjoys her regular check ups unlike her visits to our local vet!!

How is Milly doing?

Milly is doing extremely well (despite her recent ruptured cruciate ligament) and has been in remission for nearly 5 years now.

Knowing what you know now what would you advise another owner in a situation? 

You should know your dog and be able to tell if something is not right, always act on your instincts as more often than not that are correct and of course the earlier you can get treatment for something serious the better.

A big thank you to Milly’s family for chatting to us about Milly’s journey. 

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B Cell Lymphoma
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