Environmental Sustainability Policy

AURA Veterinary acknowledge that our business and operations have a negative impact on the environment, in terms of use of raw materials, and waste generation for example. We appreciate that there is a link between the health of animals, humans and the environment.  We pledge to help protect the safety, health and environment of employees, clients, patients, and the people and animals of the communities in which we all work and live.

We have identified key areas that contribute to our environmental and carbon footprint:

  • Consumption of electricity, gas, water and other fuels.
  • Use of inhalant anaesthetic gases
  • Waste production and disposal
  • Paper usages
  • Procurement and supplies


AURA is committed to reducing these areas and other impacts, and to the continual improvement of our environmental performance.  It is the responsibility of all employees, visitors and contractors to fully support this policy through active participation and co-operation.

Our environmental dedication can be demonstrated in our established objectives and goals;

  • Increase cost-effectiveness by reducing our consumption of energy and raw materials
  • Reduce our waste, reuse and recycle materials as much as possible
  • Decrease our use of inhalant anaesthetic gases
  • Lower our paper usage.
  • Working with our suppliers to ensure they acknowledge and decrease the environmental impacts of their products and transportation


We will continue to strive to improve our environmental impact through annual reviews and updates, including any changes in legislation, our organisation and other factors.  The Nursing Manager (Ruby Clarke) has the designated responsibility for the day-to-day implementation of this policy. There is a Green Team, comprised of members of staff from across the hospital, who meet quarterly to discuss sustainability and implement new ideas.

We will share this policy with our employees and make sure they are provided with regular updates in order to increase awareness of environmental matters.  AURA  Veterinary will make this policy openly available to all members of the public via our website.

Created August 2023 
Review August 2024